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Contadores e Cia



Several types of treatments are offered by professional therapists in Ljosheimar.


::The Bowen Technique      ::Healing      ::Homeopathy      ::Cranio Sacral      ::Massage


The price for a single session is 8.000,- ISK and the time varies from 60-90 minutes with the following exceptions:


Reiki Healing with Linda is 6.500,- ISK


Bowen Thechnique for 0-5 Year olds 1.000,-ISK (shorter time than adults)

Bowen Thechnique for 5-16 Year olds 4.000,-ISK (shorter time than adults)
Bowen Thechnique - Buy 5 sessions together 33.000,- ISK


To book a session call 00 354 551 0148 or contact the therapists directly that are listed by each treatment.






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